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Roof-Top Bar

About Us

The Roof-Top Bar is located 70 meters above ground level, on the 12th floor of a newly renovated and imposing building, home to the high-quality business hotel Prima Millennium. Both bar and hotel are set at the heart of the Ra’anana high-tech and business district in the rural Sharon Plain.

Designed by top architects and boasting furniture from various locations around the globe, the bar expresses a unified and balanced tone, exuding a unique and international atmosphere.

The bar is made up of two primary spaces. The first is a carefully designed indoors hall showcasing a scenic view of pastural Ra’anana through tremendous high-windows that flow through it. The second space is a fabulous rooftop terrace, overlooking one of the most awe-inspiring views in Israel – the Sharon Plain to the north, Herzliya and its coast line to the west, and the city of Tel Aviv to the south.

The terrace features a custom-made bar constructed out of unique green stones that were imported especially, surrounded by various tables of varying sizes and designs.

The bar menu includes the finest and most popular spirits and cocktails in the global bar scene.

The curated dining menu was designed with the intention of using only the best local materials, used to compose a well-kempt selection of local and international cuisine.

The musical ambience in the bar was designed by the best music consultants in Israel, providing guests with the pleasure of connecting to an eclectic and fascinating array of musical sources.

Our clientele form a mix of varied and colorful Israeli locals, and the many tourists and globetrotters who stay at the hotel.

Bar staff includes highly trained waiters and bartenders who are well-versed in the accepted service conventions in the hosting and hotel world, which completes the bar experience, making it truly unforgettable.

Looking forward to seeing you,

The Roof-Top Team!

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